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The Importance of Practicing Daily Meditation

For many of us the word meditation conjures up images of people sitting serenely on the floor, with hands neatly postured on the lap. Perhaps images of saffron robed monks, quiet and with eyes shut, springs into mind. Although some will argue there is a strict definition of what meditation is and isn't, there are…
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Covid-19 perspective from ICU Doctor Dave Price

I just listened to a Covid-19 talk with Dr. Dave Price.  He’s an ICU doctor at a hospital in New York.  Their hospital is seeing 25% of the patients who need hospitalization in New York City right now.  His job is to decide which patients need ventilators and how long they need to stay on…
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Meta-analysis indicates that acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of anxiety

A meta analysis published in 2016 in the medical journal, Revista Brasiliera de Enfermagem, analyzed 500 clinical trials to evaluate the effect of acupuncture on anxiety.  The study concluded that acupuncture provides a statistically significant improvement in anxiety levels and quality of life for those experiencing excessive anxiety, helplessness, or apprehension, as compared to a…
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Biochemical Effects of Acupuncture

Many people are curious about just how and why acupuncture works.  It helps for diverse symptoms, ranging from pain relief to depression, digestive disorders, urinary incontinence, fertility, PMS, and immune system support.  Scientists are finding that there are several different mechanisms at play that produce the positive results.  Here is a list of some of…
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