Sandra Broberg of Body in Balance Acupuncture ensures patients receive a consistent healing experience in her clinic. Across the board, people share their appreciation of her empathy, deep presence, calming and confident bedside manner, and her professionalism. They’re drawn to her depth and breadth of experience, the gentle, customized, holistic treatments as well as the consistent results her remedies generate.

Patient treatment stories include:

Abigail H.: “Sandra is a remarkable healer.”

“I came to Sandra because I was desperate. I was struggling with chronic pain from degenerative arthritis in my hips, and was trying to postpone hip replacement as long as possible. I hate needles, but massage and yoga really weren't working anymore. Sandra experimented with different approaches when direct treatment didn't work, and used smaller needles and moxa [moxibustion] to lessen my nervousness about needles and enhance the regular treatment.

Sandra is not rigid; when it was clear that the pain and limping had gone too far, she helped me prepare for and recover from surgery. I have continued to go to her frequently; she is helping me address arthritis in my other hip and my feet. I am convinced that Sandra is making it possible for me to keep moving and stay positive. It's not just the treatment itself, but her sympathetic and encouraging manner that have made all the difference for me. I actually look forward to treatments I used to absolutely dread. Sandra is a remarkable healer.”

Stephanie B.: "Her calm and cheerful attitude makes the treatment that much more healing and relaxing."

Sandra is graceful and gentle—the treatment merely feels like being flicked with a finger. That's it. Really. She explains to you the connectivity of your body and why a needle goes where. She traced the source of from my migraines down to the tense muscles in my neck and the distraught nerves from my herniated lumbar disc down my hips. After a month and a half of treatments, my migraines are nearly nonexistent and low back pain is no longer a daily occurrence.   Sandra also accepts my health insurance which covers the cost my treatments (with a diagnosis) so I am only responsible for the copay, so appointments are really affordable.

…what I appreciate about Sandra is the time she takes to get to know you and your body.  Her calm and cheerful attitude makes the treatment that much more healing and relaxing.  I am so grateful to be able to be her client and always refer others, especially the skeptical and nervous.”

Nancy J.: “A soothing, confident bedside manner, and at the same time her professionalism and knowledge are top-notch.”

“Sandra Broberg has been a steady resource in my health maintenance program for 15 years. During that time, I have relied on her expertise in treating me for a wide spectrum of issues—both very serious illnesses and the 'tune-ups' that I see her for twice a month. She has a soothing, confident bedside manner, and at the same time her professionalism and knowledge are top-notch. I am impressed by her determination to expand her breadth of knowledge through continuing education. I have had no hesitation recommending her to countless people, and speak highly of the great success I have enjoyed in maintaining my health, as her patient.”

Jay L.: “Her wealth of experience inspires my confidence.”

  • "Sandra is thoroughly professional.  She has treated four conditions for me.  For each one she has listened carefully to my concerns, and acted decisively in formulating and executing effective treatment.
  • She comes with an open mind, and is direct in the way she solicits my feedback, both to be attentive to me and to ensure that we are satisfactorily progressing with the treatment.
  • She is not afraid to refer for supportive treatment such as chiropractic or physical therapy.  Her orientation is musculoskeletal and has been instrumental in resolving conditions related to my feet and shoulder.
  • Her wealth of experience inspires my confidence.  Hers is definitely a hands-on approach, which is both comforting and reassuring.
  • Finally, she runs her practice very professionally.  There has not once been an issue related to payment from me or my insurance carrier."

Ian C.

“I've had the opportunity to work with Sandy over the last year, first as a colleague, and now as a patient.  As a Chiropractor, I believe fundamentally that structure and function are inexorably connected, and I find that Sandra's work is a perfect match for my needs, as well as the needs of many of my patients.  I find that Sandra does an excellent job blending an approach based on Anatomy and Orthopedics with a nuanced understanding of Eastern Medicine.  Also, as a Chiropractor, I believe that not every patient will respond to every modality, and am delighted to say that when I find I'm not able to assist a patient with their concerns, they invariably find success with Sandra or her colleague and fellow acupunturist, Andy Booth.  All in all a 5-star experience, and I invariably look forward to the care I receive from Sandra.”

Jasmine A.

“I love Sandra! She always is so calm and collected….She takes her time with you, I have never felt rushed or unappreciated, and she also takes the time to get to know you exact problem area's and giving you way to help yourself through the week.”

Cait G.

“Sandra is absolutely wonderful. She definitely knows what she's doing, and I look forward to each appointment…..I had no idea acupuncture could make such a huge difference. She has also helped me with my chronic migraines.  I can't say enough good things about her!”

Rachel C.

“The environment is very relaxing….Sandy listens well and addresses whatever issues I bring up, and after a treatment my body always feels relaxed, almost like I've had a massage. Sandy's demeanor is very calm, thoughtful and comforting, and I've definitely noticed clear improvements in the conditions that were bothering me before I started.”